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Chris Forsyth

Chris Forsyth

Montreal-based photographer Chris Forsyth began his ongoing series of documenting the world’s subway systems with ‘Montreal Metro’ which he began in October of 2014.

The series now includes shots of the Munich, Berlin and Stockholm, as well as smaller sets of Hamburg and Prague underground systems.  The series helped him win the 2015 International Photographer of the Year award.

“Underground transit systems are often as much a function of design as they are of utility. The Metro Project is a personal exploration of the art and architecture of metro stations around the world. Each space communicates a unique atmosphere that is a product of its design, from Montreal’s Brutalist stations to Stockholm’s hand-painted bedrock caves.”

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  • Anne Hornsby

    Really stunning fine art shots of intriguing metro design elements. Thanks, Chris.

    February 8, 2017 at 6:20 pm

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