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Choices | Richard Stultz


Richard Stultz’ photographic series titled “Choices’, documents the bewildering array of product choices laid before us. Yes, we’ve all seen Andreas Gursky’s sprawling and magnificent “99 Cent,” a photo that just went for $3,340,456 at a Sotheby’s auction in London. That doesn’t mean that the territory is now off limits to everyone else. Anyone who has ever spent time in a third world country, or even a second world country knows what it feels like when, after many months or years they return home and walk into an American pharmacy or grocery store. The abundance and choices are staggering, the effciency and design worth imitating. There is beauty in them there canyons of products.  Stultz says, “Beyond the astounding quantity and selection, retail displays are often visually striking with interesting design elements, color, and repetitive patterns. But as we shop and try to find the perfect product, we often do not see the perverse beauty of these choices. ”

Richard Stultz has exhibited his photographs in solo and group exhibitions in the western United States. His work has been published in Camera Artsmagazine and Black & White magazine and is held in public and private collections.  He is represented by Modernbook Gallery in Palo Alto, California.  He operates a commercial architectural photography practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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