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Calligraphy-Inspired Architecture | Zaha Hadid


Shaped in a calligraphy-like form, this design by world renowned architect Zaha Hadid was inspired by the flowing energy of brush and ink–a truly Chinese traditional art form. This new Shanghai building built by the Linkong SOHO group of property developers will be the largest project ever attempted in China.  The building is located within the Great Hongqiao Business Zone in China and will become a retail and business complex. This is the second building designed by Zaha Hadid for property developers in Shanghai, SOHO China.

The Great Hongqiao Business Zone is enhanced by the enormous infrastructure investment of the Chinese government that is putting China on a path to being the world’s leader in just about everything. The complex has easy access to the transportation hub’s high speed rail, subway, and airport transportation systems, and from easy access to the nearby airport.


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