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Best New Music | Nedry


If own a lot of music that has been released on record label 4AD, such as Cocteau Twins and early Bjork then you’ll feel right at home within the sinister basslines and soft-dubstep scatterbeats. Combine this with ethereal guitars and vocals that soar throughout and you have the London trio called Nedry.

“The earliest version of the group — whose name pays homage to the traitorous park programmer in Jurassic Park — began in 2007, when multi-instrumentalist/programmers Matt Parker and Chris Amblin teamed with vocalist Ayu Okakita and collaborated over the Internet.”

2012’s full length “In A Dim Light” finds the group coalescing around a group of long play songs, most of which are five to six minutes long and veer on the epic side. There is also an excellent remix release of every song on “In A Dim Light” that is well worth checking out. An EP is rumored to be out in the next several months.

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