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Best New Music | iamamiwhoami

Sweden is awash in talent these days and you can add iamamiwhoami ( I am, am I, who am I ?). The Nordic synth sound of bands like the Knife and Fever Ray are present on this new recording just out two weeks ago. I can’t speak highly enough about this new full length entitled “Bounty.” There first effort entitled simply “Kin” explores similar territory. Yes, the title of this collaborative project is a mouthful and I imagine the name hinders much recognition other than within Sweden itself. But don’t be fooled by that tongue twister, this is truly innovative and solid song writing and music with that Swedish flare for pop.

“The multimedia electronic music project iamamiwhoami emerged in 2009, piquing the interest of the Internet with a series of viral videos that introduced the artist’s music while obscuring the female singer’s identity. In December 2009, the project’s first two videos were sent to music journalists and blogs via an anonymous e-mail address, with more clues and clips appearing on outlets such as MTV and the project’s own YouTube channel. Guesses about the mysterious artist’s identity included BjörkGoldfrapp, and the Knife, acts whose music was very much in keeping with iamamiwhoami‘s approach. In June 2010, iamamiwhoami released a video that revealed the project was the brainchild of Swedish singer/songwriter Jonna Lee ”

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