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Bertjan Pot

Dutch designer Bertjan Pot was tinkering around with creating woven rug designs but instead of lying flat they started evolving into shaped pieces. He decided to fashion his samples into masks and then went from there. Here are some examples of his beautiful if not somewhat disturbing works.

“Although seemingly these masks tell stories, this again started out as a material experiment. I wanted to find out if by stitching a rope together I could make a large flat carpet. Instead of flat, the samples got curvy. When I was about to give up on the carpet, Vladi came up with the idea of shaping the rope into masks. The possibilities are endless, I’m meeting new faces every day.”


2016_119 13267310723_1a16a32da8_b13267503874_73a7058d45_b13267498014_d1742cac2d_bmasks_132B_SBP_LR13267518304_4f7b3c180c_b13267514404_2f09438ba1_b13267316153_86def212dd_b

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