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Ben Thomas

Ben Thomas


Australian photographer Ben Thomas has a long running series entitled Chroma:

“‘Chroma I’ and ‘Chroma II’ comprise a series I have been working on for the past couple of years,” explains Australian photographer Ben Thomas. “For ‘Chroma,’ I wanted to use color as both mechanism and protagonist. My aim was to transform urban sprawls into illustrative, flat and colorful images to the point where they seem hyperreal.”

“In a world where we are inundated with images and photography, I wanted to create something that would cut through—something that would speak to the viewer immediately. I hope that people feel encouraged to track down and discover what is special about their own environment and other cities around the world.”

“First, the weather had a real impact. A bright and sunny environment is key; it lays the foundation for the unique colors in each piece. I then spent a year fine-tuning this process to bring my vision to reality; I wanted to set myself the challenge of pushing my technique forward as far as I could. In terms of the tools I used, I’m shooting on a mix of Canon and Sigma kits with all of my post-production workflow on Lightroom and Photoshop.” via: Lens Culture


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