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AdMobilize | Start Getting Paid to Wear Logos

Hate being a walking advertisement for Nike, Polo, North Face, or even your local car dealership who discretely attached their name to the back of your car? For some people such as NASCAR fans and those wearing Aereopostle clothing, the logos are the reason they are buying them in the first place. I go out of my way to find clothing without logos precisely because I hate the idea of being a walking advertisement. But what if you could get paid to wear these same logos? Now you can with the new startup called AdMobilize.

Creator and CEO Rodolfo Saccoman calls himself and his company the Robin Hood of Advertising. Calling his business model “Disruptive Advertising”, Saccoman seeks to promote an integrated system that can be tracked in realtime. For example, you could have a thousand people in Manhattan wearing shirts with your logo, all of them being tracked and recorded by GPS. You would have a map of everywhere they have been, including restaurants, bars, and public events such as sports venues, and other gatherings such as outdoor and indoor concerts. Saccoman, who is half Brazilian, half Argentinian, lived in Chile and Ecuador before heading to Cornell University.

These “walkers” or “drivers” are who he calls AdMobilizers and who become moving billboards for various brands. Saccoman says, “We created this concept of crowd advertising where people get paid to advertise. We already do it but we don’t get paid for it. Polo Ralph Lauren is not paying me to walk around with a little horse on my shirt. If I am going to be advertising your brand, you should be paying me and giving me all these value-added benefits. For the advertisers, they are getting brand ambassadors who are becoming very connected to their brand,” said Saccoman. “We are ready to disrupt the industry.”

Entrepreneur  Mok Oh, the former CSO at PayPal is on the advisory board of AdMobilize. “Offline advertising hasn’t changed for 50, 100 years. Nobody measures anything. It’s like half of your advertising dollars work but you don’t know which half. What Rodofo is trying to do is measure in real time the activity going on offline,” said Mok, adding “the result could be geographic targeting in the offline world.”

The site will launch this week.
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  • I appreciate this blog my friend.

    Best regards,

    Rodolfo Saccoman
    CEO & Founder

    May 10, 2013 at 2:46 pm
  • I would like to get paid wearing logos.

    September 24, 2015 at 12:19 pm

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