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A Room With A View

German photographer Menno Aden’s remarkable Room Portraits series takes a surprising point of view on the everyday and well known. By placing his camera on the ceiling he flattens out the three dimensional space and turns it into something fresh. We know what all of these rooms are from living room to bed room to kitchen and operating room. From a normal point of view there is nothing remarkable about these spaces from our normal standing or sitting POV.

Aden’s photos turn us into voyeurs, showing us a rare and often beautiful new way to observe ordinary life. And if you do the old art school trick and squint yours eyes many of these images turn abstract and transcend into something unique. (see the picnic image).

“Aden’s intention with the works are to draw attention to the voyeuristic society we live in that is further perpetuated by pop culture. We are all like peeping Tom’s with a bird’s eye view, looking down at these intimate and personal spaces of people we don’t know. There is a sense of intrigue, trying to soak in every visible detail presented in the images, and then quick shift is made to assessing and forming judgements based solely on the visual cues.”


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