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A $300 Smart Shoe? Nike’s Lebron IX

Adage reports on a WSJ article saying that Nike is readying a price point busting 300 plus dollar shoe. If you watched the olympics basketball gold medal game then you already know that LeBron was wearing his self-titled super sneaker Nike’s Lebron IX. The older models retail for anywhere from $190 to $250, and that’s just the list price. The new sneaker is expected to be made in an edition of only 25,000 pairs, which is just enough to mean that resellers on ebay will ask two to three times that much, not to mention cause riots at the stores where they will be available. Nike has designed the shoe with built in blue tooth that will sync performance data to computers and mobile devices. How fast you ran and how high you  jumped.

Marc Morial of the National Urban League has called the release of the $300 plus sneakers as “outrageously overpriced,” saying that the high status shoes will create a burden on a class of inner city kids already reeling from poverty and violence. Given the price and  desirability of these shoes Nike might also add a Find My Shoes app that will allow people to track down their stolen pairs.

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